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Yo yo, mah homies!

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Joined: Nov 2005
Yo yo, mah homies!

LOL, just kidding. I'm not ghetto or anything. :P

Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a Junior in highschool taking three AP classes, the hardest of which being AP US History (which in my school, we call APUSH. I know, weird, huh?).

My favorite subject is art, and I am absolutely IN LOVE with it. Seriously, I can NOT live without art... which is weird, since I'm currently taking no art classes and I'm surprisingly still alive. :P

Also, I'm an AVID Chinese, so DON'T get me started on China-related discussions, hehe. LOL, just kidding.

I recently got obsessed with Ping Pong. It's the best sport ever. Period. If you don't like it, it just means you suck, so suck it up. :P Hehe, just kidding again.

Lastly, if you haven't noticed, I like to joke around A LOT. So yeah. Pretty much that's all I can think up about myself at this moment. Oh, and I love food, too. :D

Any other Chinese people in here? :)


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Weeeeell, at least you finally made your 'hi' page. Took you long enough *grumble, grumble* lol!

Nice pic! You look oh so sexy! *Laughs*

If anyone else viewing this thread couldn't tell, we know each other.

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yea.... thatd be awkward if you didnt know eachother.

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AP is so hard. I'm Matt and I'm taking 2 AP classes right now. AP History and AP English. So do you like the Chinese Gov't?


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Joined: Nov 2005

Quite awkward. lol. I like to joke around too. Especially when people's emotions come into play. Mwahahah! lol. Anyhoo...I'm in "APUSH" too (lol) and AP English. My school doesn't offer AP Physics or anything like that. I wouldn't take it anyways. :P Regular is hard enough. Anyhoo....Welcome!!!

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As you can tell, most of us can take a joke, so feel free to give them (we certainly won't hold back :p )

Anyways, I'm Anna-Marie and I have taken APUSH (they call it that around here too, it's short) and I'm in Physics C and Chemistry too. If you need any help feel free to ask. If I can't answer it....TOO BAD. No seriously, I'll find someone who knows and ask them.

And yes, ping pong is awesome, but I never get to play it so I'm totally bad at it. Maybe in college where there's always a table somewhere...

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Joined: Nov 2005

Ping-pong kicks some serious buttocks!! I also enjoy chess, Clue, long walks on the beach at sunset.....Oops. Lost myself in my own daydream. So anyhoo....Are you (HuanLe) in AP English III? It's kinda boring!

You want me to do what again?!

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