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Do you play Counter Strike?

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I have been reading these forms and i didn't see anyone post about Counter Strike. There might have been someone that i did not see, but i don't have time to look at every post.

I want to know if any of you play Counter Strike or have ever head about it. A lot of people have been talking about all these new games for the PC and game consoles, and Counter Strike has come out in the 90's. A lot of people still play it even though it is an old game. The game play is up to date and anyone who plays the game would tell you it's good.

azrami's picture

i have heard of counterstrike since a long time and have been wanting to play it since then. but i was waiting till i got a faster internet connection so i could get it.

but yeah. i want to play it.

CoCCaNuTTs's picture

Yes in fact I do, to tell the truth I have been playing Counter-Strike for almost 9 years already. I have been playing for almost nine years now, and I still never get tired of it. Every day playing on the Internet with people all around the world, is a different experience each time I log in. Being a long time vet to this game, I have to say it is the best game that I have ever experienced, and I have played many. The unique thing about CS is that if you get tired of the original game play, you can always go to a different server within CS that has a different kind of game play. I am an addict to this game, and so are many others, I must warn you that it can be extremely addicting if you start playing this game, you will easily become distracted from whatever it is that you do on a regularly basis. There is still so much left to say about Counter-Strike, but I simple can not list them all. Message me if you have further questions. Hope this helps

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