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Elderscrolls 4 / Mod in the works

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First this is an oblivion discussion thread. I personally find the game awesome out of the box, but I do have over 60 mods running ATM. The AI and combat were a bit hyped, but otherwise, its a revolutionary game.

Second, I'm announcing a mod some of you may like, which will recreate post Ur Morrowind (TES3) in oblivion, on the same engine. Travel by boat or mage's guild teleport to wonderful morrowind, now with over 15 guilds, 20 total factions, many new weapons, artifacts, creatures, spells, and the ability to become a daedriv cultist if you so please. Come over to vvardenfell.org if you want to join. Vvardenfell is an affiliate of the Silgrad supermod known as "Beyond Cyrodiil".

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