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1988 DBQ English essay. tv has influence on presidential elections

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1988 DBQ English essay. tv has influence on presidential elections

Alright, so the question is:
TV promoted the elections but made the society focus more on the image rather then what was being said.
It is a DBQ English essay
So one of the documents was a chart and it showed that the viewings were increasing, but then after a certain year it started dropping.

And here's my paragraph that I am having trouble fixing. I need to focus more on how it effected the public to focus more on image...

Technology was developing rapidly though the last half of a century. Photographs were later accompanied by radio, and finally the glorious television came around. It seemed that the viewers were glued to this new invention. Television produced sound and moving picture at the same time! Public’s viewing was quite obvious during the presidential elections of the 1960s up to 1988. Television had an immense contribution to spreading information about the candidates, as well as igniting public’s interest in the elections. However, television didn’t keep people’s eye on the elections for too long. According to the television ratings for presidential debates from 1960 to 1986, the television ratings declined during the early 90’s. (Source D) This new invention provided so many great benefits to the public, yet why was it loosing its viewers?

If possible I need an answer ASAP

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I'm not sure if it's too late for you or not, but we did this one in class the other day. I remember one of the documents talking about how Kennedy likely "beat" Nixon in a debate based on his appearance (radio listeners called it a tie).

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Not too late I have about 3 more days I think...
I just want to finish this soon.
Yeah, that's what I though.
Ahah, I couldn't find the packet, but now I did.
So I should just include that the viewings increased 'cause of the elections and the image of Kenedy and all that, and exclude the part about the ratings going down?

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