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Multiple Choice Section

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Multiple Choice Section

OMG! I just received a dose of what the multiple choice section on the the AP Lang test will be like, and I have to say I did not enjoy one bit. I was quite challenging and boring to me. If there is anyone out there who can offer me help on how to approach this section of the test, I would be greatly appreciative. I could use some simple hints that would increase my score by say one, two or maybe even ten points. LoL. I have already have a prep book (5 steps to a 5), but I would love advice from anyone who has already taken the test or those who find this section quite easy.

Thanx for all of your help!

Philman G.:cool:

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Ahh, I know what you mean. Dx
The multiple choice section is horrible... we've done a few practice ones. The thing with those is that they usually have 2 (or 3 i can't remember...) answers that are completely off, and two that are so close to being true but only one of them is the best answer.
You only have so much time to debate with yourself too, because you have to do the essay portion. I believe on the AP exam the multiple choice comes first.

The only advice I can give is keep practicing multiple choice questions with an AP English study book, which offers quite a few multiple choice sections you can time yourself on, and detailed answers in the back. It also gives you hints on how to approach these types of questions in the x amount of time you have.
Good luck!

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I'm taking AP Lang. now and i have to say I'm so glad my teacher started the review like the first week of class. We have AP day every wed. and we switch off weeks by doing free response practice one week, then multiple choice practice the next week. But, the best way I have been taught is to literally mark out all the answers you know that is wrong. And if you find yourself in a time crunch, do the easy ones that do not require you to actually read through the whole section to answer (like the literary device, vocab words, footnote questions, and etc) Also, go back and look at ALL your tone words and know them by heart, and literary devices because those are in every section it seems like! Read the questions first so you kinda get an idea of what you are looking for and keep your pencil in hand as you read and instantly start marking it up for anything that stands out and make notes to the side to help quickly reference back to the passage for questions.

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