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Installation Problems...

silentdragonzx's picture

I have recently bought a game and i want to install it onto a computer my room....however someone has disabled my ability to install things onto the computer......

can someone help with this problem and guide me to fix this.....
i think i have to go to the administrator account...but i dont know the password... can someone help me with that too....(to hack into the admin account)...

Its an olda version of XP I think....
Microsoft XP Professiional
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Thx.... :)

What's picture

you will have to go to your computers administrator and either have them install it or ask/beg on your hands and knees for premission.

GoPunchRocks's picture

yea..Wat doesn't no wat hes talking about here. hacking admin acounts is sooo easy. there are literally at least 10-12 easy ways. do some research before u post next time please.


Id recomend the first option, if not Johnthe Ripper is nice too

AdminChris's picture

What you can do is install the game to a portable HD (it could be an MP3 player that allows for data storage) and then play the game from the external hd.

I've done that for when I used to play games like CS:S, WoW, etc at school haha

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silentdragonzx's picture

hmmmm....cool thanks for all ur help i'll try these things at school too...:)

onemanriot's picture

hahahhaa, i never thought of that, im so buying a portable hd man!! yeah hackin the admin account is easy....not that i know*cough cough* its just bypassin those dang blocks.....by the way, does anyone know of a good web proxy besides guardster or kaxy????

chessmaster1990's picture

Hey GoPunchRocks, I tried to write my own program, but I can't figure out how to execute it remotely, without any password to the computer. Plus, how do you bypass the BIOS and start-up hardware? It takes too long for me without knowing both of those.

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