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solution guide for calculus a single variable seventh edition

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solution guide for calculus a single variable seventh edition

:( should i get solution guide for calculus a single variable seventh edition? :(

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The idea behind calculus (and mathematics in general) is for you to squeeze your brain juice and try these problems. Having a solution manual takes the fun out of it.

There will be problems that is a little more complex, but that is the fun of it. (and I used that book, the questions wasn't too hard...unlike the multi-variables one)

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I have the CD to go with the book. It shows how to work out the odd problems. Most of the time, I just sit down and work through those problems with the steps in front of me. Afterwards, I go to the even problems and try to apply the rules I learned to them. If you can find a CD to go with the book, I would suggest it. It is amazing.

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You could just go to calcchat.com. This site shows you how to work the odd numbered problems. After you see how its done, you should be able to figure out the even ones, and how to do all problems of that type.

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you do not need the solutions guide it only helps for homework and if you dont know how to do it in the first place it wont help you one bit


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