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my boyfriend & i always get mad at each other

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Joined: Dec 2007
my boyfriend & i always get mad at each other

half the time its over really stupid things. i reallly like him it's been almost two months for us..three days! i really care for him and i am pretty sure he feels the same but i don't know what to do or waht to say..



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Joined: Sep 2007

Well, even the happiest couples fight sometimes, but if it happens too often you need to reconsider whether the relationship is really working.

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Joined: Dec 2007

tell him if he argues with you, no sexy time for a whole month. he'll be wrapped around your finger in no time.

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Joined: Dec 2007

Uhhhi would say just talk about it...
nothing works better then communication...just dont over do it...

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Joined: Jun 2007

it's good to compromise cause it strengthens the relationship...don't fight too much though, sit him down and talk to him...if he doesn't listen...slap the sense out of him and tell him that it hurting you to have ot fight all the time...i mean, it kind of sounds like he is insecure with the relationship if he is fighting over everything...if not that then he might be taking his stress out on you which still isn't good...so like starsonhaven said, communication is everything.

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