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When you choose classes..

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When you choose classes..

You guys choose hard classes? or easy classes?
I think if i take many easy classes like Art class or study hall class..u dont get much pressure..and ur GPA will be prettty high i think..(cuz its easy!)
but when u apply to colleges, well, will it help?
i mean the colleges want to to take hardest class as many as u can. i think that wont be good cuz u got so many easy and useless classes? If you take hard classes (not AP Classes) and got low GPA, that will not very good for sure...what do you guys think?

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Most schools are concerned with not only your GPA, but with the level of difficulty of the classes you take as well. If your schedule is full of classes that you could practically sleep through with an A, then yes, your GPA will be higher, but colleges will know you didn't have to wok as hard for it. On the other hand, if you take a schedule of harder classes, your GPA might be a bit lower, but schools will understand that it was more difficult coursework. My suggestion would be to find a balance of the easy classes and the harder ones.
A lot of kids make the mistake of thinking that if they work hard their junior year, senior year won't matter, but this is not true. In my opinion, completely slacking off would be a bad idea, but that's just me.

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take the most difficult classes you can handle, but don't overload yourself unless you're sure you can handle it (and want to relinquish your social life early = P....i'm just kidding). also, take hard classes in subjects you have an interest in.

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I took classes that applied to my interests. So difficulty wasn't even a consideration.

Senior year I took 6 music classes, and 3 non-music classes, AP US GOV, and Honors English and the required minor: gym (hated it).

I think, if you KNOW for sure what you're going to college for, take classes that will help with that major, otherwise, vary you course types and their difficulty, that way you have a breadth of knowledge, and you don't stress out cause of all the hard work.

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