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hello... (and time goes on)

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hello... (and time goes on)

I'm currently in my first week of APUSH and i think i am going to die.:eek: i haven't done anything but outline chapters and fill out note cards since school started.:( i kind of like history, but not really this time period. it was the only AP class they would let me take this year so i took it. Music and Drama what i actually enjoy doing. but who knows maybe i'll learn to love American history. any help i can get will be amazing. :D

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Don't worry, you'll get better at it. Just remember to take a break or two when studying. I know what you're going through, it's only the first week of school- well, almost the second week- I've been working pretty well all week and all through the weekend and I'm still behind with a test on friday (not in apush atm btw). But yeah, if I finish 11 more problems and read half a chapter of chemistry then a chapter of spanish I'll be caught up...got until 1 tomorrow to do it. The key (I think o.0) is to just do what you can when you can, prioritize your time, and remember to do the things that are due before the things that aren't- do it backwards and you may have a problem when due day comes around...

Also, if that way works for you, but you find you aren't learning as much as you think you should or it's hard for stuff to sink in, you might want to experiment with other ways of studying or change it a bit. Like I find I study best when I listen to music and am snacking on something. If you need help or want advice or just need a place to blow off steam (I recommend the [URL=http://www.course-notes.org/forum/showthread.php?t=2831]Off-Topic Thread[/URL] for the latter of the three...) we're here ^.^

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