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help. in ap europ history, how do i write a good thesis statement

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help. in ap europ history, how do i write a good thesis statement

i always have problem with that

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Sorry if I'm being blunt...but, a thesis should always be straight to the point...If you writing an debate...then plainly state how you're defendant side is more reasonable and tell why.

Hmm..Don't make the thesis too long and make it a bit catchy...remember for the AP and SAT tests, the readers are crazy fast so you need to be right to the point, okk?

Good Luck and feel free to track me down if you need anything else kk?

By the way, WELCOME TO CNOTES..it was VERYY nice to meet you, YayaFly

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Thats a good question!
The best types of thesises (if thats a word) always tell the reader what your paper is about. A thesis is a short introduction, so you want to be descriptive, but like bebe said, straight to the point.
Your thesis should be fairly analytical however. Just remeber, it states the topic, and tells the reader what the paper is about. So something good to do when writing a thesis is after you write your paper and before you print it, read the paper you wrote, then look at the thesis. If your thesis tells you the main ideas of your paper, and in essence what its about, then you probably have yourself a fairly good thesis.
=) hope that helps

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A thesis should be short and too the point, generally in an introduction paragraph.
You can fluff up some parts of the thesis in your intro paragraph by adding some background info or commentary....but your thesis statement is supposed to be short and sweet.

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