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Advice regarding AP help books and just advice in general

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Advice regarding AP help books and just advice in general

So, during course recommendations i had unwittingly signed up for all AP next year (i will be a senior). at first at i was like "$%&!!!" but then i realized what i thought would kill me this year was really easy, and i have 4 AP's. It only took a while for me to realize i have to get my work habit up to par. so i think i can do it, but any help will be greatly appreciated on regarding how to make it less effort on my part. one of my concerns is if there are any books regarding my subjects that might help. i keep hearing about help books that guaratee a 5 and maybe i can obtain some testimonials here. i'll be taking:
AP government
AP macroeconomics
AP physics (possibly...it's a new school and we don't have a teacher for that yet...maybe next year, if it isn't available then this will probably be AP Chem)
AP Spanish
AP Literature
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

so, thanks in advance

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Also! Regarding my current 4 AP classes, any help about those would help too:
AP US history
AP Biology
AP statistics
AP Language and composition
my main concerns about history and language = ( as i'm more of a math and science buff

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