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Advices Needed!

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Advices Needed!


I am currently a high school freshman going into my sophomore year, and I would like to become a doctor some day.
Right now I am thinking about going into radiology(not a technician) and I was wondering what classes, SAT/ACT scores, extra curricular activities, grades etc. I should take/have.
For college, I am thinking about UCLA, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and similar schools, what major should I choose in order to become a radiologist and any extra advices?

Thanks :)

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The best (and only) advice I have for you is to talk to your parents and a college counselor at your school. It is good to be looking at colleges right now but do not obsess yourself and worry yourself about getting into college. You have four more years.
And as far as your question about AP classes and tests. Again your counselor will give the best advice but retaking a test is fine. Colleges look for improvement, do not try improving a 3 or 4 though.

Alexander R. Miller

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