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need your help!! in state and out of state?

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need your help!! in state and out of state?

another bountiful question of mine...it popped up when i was talking to my guidance counselor.

Is it true, that in public universities (ie. UC Berkeley), they would make an out-of-state person to pay the out-of-state tuition fee the first year, and then second year thru fourth year they will let you play in-state tuition fees?

the rationale behind this idea is simple-- if you stay in a state for a year, you would be "considered" a state resident, which can give you advantages (like saving $25000 a year?!) I've heard this from my dad's friend, who is a counselor for all foreigners that wants to go to U.S universities..

please verify this...I personally think that this is bs, since they would be in debt if every out-of-state students pay a LOT less by saying that they now belong as a "recognized resident" of that state.


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That's what I heard from my dad and other people or at least something like it. My neighbor was accepted into Washington State University in St. Louis for 2 year scholarship but he decided to go to UW for full scholarship. Now he regrets it cause he doesn't like it. His sis goes to UW for full ride too. But I think out of state colleges are still the best.

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