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Study abroad for medicine right after high school?

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Study abroad for medicine right after high school?

I'm currently a senior in highschool who will be graduating this year. I wish to study medicine and I have recently been admitted to many universities/ colleges which offer pre-med as a major. I have also been admitted into a 7- year B.S/D.O program and although I received a scholarship for the undergraduate portion, the medical school tuition is unaffordable that I have been thinking of taking my degree in India. I have looked into some Indian University which are offering MBBS degrees. I was planning on studying for the MBBS there and then doing my residency in the US. I would be grateful if someone would help me in this matter withe their opinions. Is it worth studying abroad and then coming back to the US to do the residency or should I just stick to the B.S/D.O program? Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it and if I could just do nursing and go on to do nurse anastheology or something.. This is so nervewrecking! Please help me and offer some of of your opinions on the matter.. Thanks!

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Actually, Ive heard that doctors that got their degrees in other countries ( even as similar as the UK) have to go through some extra stuff before they can practice in the US, because of regulations and so forth.

About med school, Its a givin that its gonna be unaffordable, thats the way it is for most people, at least fromwhat I hear. Many doctors spend much of their first few years paying off debts. That's what loans are for. As a rule, it is best not to stress about money when it comes to your education, you have your whole life to worry about that, among other things.

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I would do your research and even try and find people that have been involved with the program before.

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B.S/D.O program is the best approach, having a scholarship will ease your tuition fee expense, although expensive it is worth it, be a working student to earn extra income, It is difficult now but after you've graduated it is very fulfilling, like Zeekyt you are young, enjoy yourself don't make life difficult.

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