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What classes should I take for my senior year?

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What classes should I take for my senior year?

This is my ideal list right now:

AP Calc AB
AP Physics
AP English
AP Gov/Econ
AP Stats or AP Art History
Student Government

I'm torn between AP stats or AP Art History. My concern is whether or not my schedule is too rigourous. I'm a math person but I'm also passionate about other subjects as well. Also AP art history may help me with Academic decathlon.

Any thoughts or advice is welcomed.

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Joined: Feb 2008

It depends on how motivated you are and how much time you are willing to commit. Personally, I took AP Art History as a sophomore & boy, was it fun. I'm the same as you - very math & science orientated, but Art History made me realize that I could have other interests, too.

I'm going to take for Senior year:

AP Eng. Lit
AP Gov / AP Macro Eco.
AP Bio
Anatomy & Physiology Honors
AP Psych

Also, I'm taking AP Stats & it's the easiest math course ever. I love it.

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I'd think about (if you know) what you want to be your major in college, or what you're interested in doing (ie if you want to be a scientist, then stats might be a better choice). Also consider the other classes that you're taking. Which of the two APs will be harder? Can you put in that extra effort for the harder class? Are you already taking another math/humanities (or whatever) class?

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