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Which is better? IB Classes or AP Classes?

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Which is better? IB Classes or AP Classes?

Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me with my classes. Right now I am in the International Baccalaureate program in my school. for those who do not know what that is, it is basically classes that focus on an international standard of learning. My classes right now are IB Math/IB Japanese, IB English/IB US History, IB Psychology/Modern Hawaiian History(required for my school 'cause I live in Hawaii), and IB Biology/Honors Chemistry. What I would like to major in when I go to college is either Anesthesiology or Gynacology (I'm a guy and I aint studying it for perverted purposes, they make good money:mad:). I'm thinking about switching to AP classes though at the end of the semester, what AP classes should I take? Also, I'm a junior in highschool.

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hey, im also in the ib program and i can honestly say this:
it doesnt really matter.
not in the least bit. they both have pretty much the same credentials if you want to go to a college in the states. if you plan to go out, then ib is the choice for you, but otherwise, it is the same. however, the teaching styles and testing styles are completely different and that's where you can decide which is perfect for you.
i'll use myself as an example: i know the formulas and can apply it, but im a numbskull and make stupid mistakes. in art im pretty good at applying techniques but not that great. in my case, ib is the better choice. why? if i had continued ap i would undoubtly fail because ap grades on the amount correct. ib has a holistic system that is extremely helpful to my cause, but can also be detrimental if i slacked off and couldnt prove my point.
unless you go to a school like mines where if you take ib, you also have to take the ap exam, then it's better to take ib to cover all bases. if your school doesnt force you to do that, then you're free to choose whatever you want. :]
good luck!

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

[=DarkOrange][=2]my ap equilavent courses:
ib art; ib math sl; ib english

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I was in the IB program but after looking at some colleges they don't recognize IB credits, also the tests are given over a two year period, that is a lot of information to study before those tests!! Alot of my friends are still in IB and are constantly busy with work or projects and i am a year round swimmer and dont really have an abundance of time. I have also heard it varies depending on the school so I would recommend talking to some of the juniors or seniors in the program! Good luck

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