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Rejection or Abolition

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Texas is having a proposal regarding the rate of interest that has been decided over the commercial loans. It will under all these situations are going to create a kind of chaos and as such the sufferance will be on the part of owners of the small businesses and the borrowers. There is also one more reason for the denial of the forwarded proposal. It is that of the situations related to the comprehensiveness of the people. The application of usury is more suitable to Texas than to any other state. This is the reason that we need to check out the situations first before applying it to the amendment procedure of Section 11, Article XVI, Texas Constitution. As it has been discovered that the proposed amendment does not limit the exception from usury laws to large commercial transactions, the rejection or abolition of them is going to have negative effect over the commercial section. There is this discussion over the issue that can face tremendous set back after the amendment takes place. It has been discovered that although the legislature has adopted enabling legislation setting the minimum size of a loan to which the exemption applies. As per one of the local correspondents, [URL=http://www.vickitruitt.com/endorsements.htm]David Disiere[/URL], being an assumed proposal there are situations where the minimum size of a loan to which the exemption applies, may not be high enough to ensure that only borrowers with adequate sophistication. This will even never suit the bargaining powers that are supposed to be a part of the all inclusion list. The alteration will be regarding the legislature in the future that gets the maximum possibilities of getting lower or altogether remove the minimum loan size

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