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0krew0's picture
November 8, 2007 - 19:03 -- 0krew0

My bro wants an account to get into this game w/e it is. Anyone that has played and stopped playing wanna give it to my bro?

HistoryNub's picture

Omg RS :/ worst RPG ever @_@ , btw you can make your own account on the site but its relly not worth it

Haigen's picture

umm let me check i think i have an account (i quit a bit back) that i can spare

juicebox's picture

Well you can make it for free, and it's really fast.
I've played it and still play it occasionally, but as others have said it's not really that great of a game. The graphics are pretty bad...but the story, plot, quests, and other features are good.
I enjoy it every now and then on my spare time; it's a little like Maplestory.

"Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery numbers." - Homer Simpson

Ghostman's picture

Man runescape would be such a great game, it just lacks the graphics. They are horrible!

insanebill1's picture

wow...ummmmmm sad to say i used to have one and if he wants it, its pretty good let me kno.

insanebill1's picture

lol i still do have an account though and get on in my spare time. its a good game but the graphics suck...but it does have a good story line and at some points it makes u think

Marine Corps's picture

lol you play maple story? thats an awesome game lol

How could one such as myself answer such a question without so much as a second glance?

Liist's picture

Ah, I have wasted hundreds of hours playing that game, I have played back in the early days. Lots have changed since I quit. It's way too high of a level for your little bro to handle well and too much sentimental value.

Once in a while I like to go on and join a griefing party and ruin the game experience for others. Otherwise, I'm done with that game for good.

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