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Awesome Egg Drop

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mass can never be negative
the negative for the acceleration is just a direction concept, so it can be ignored in situations like this that would otherwise be impossible.

unless I'm retarded

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Well if you want a good physics argument going on why not argue the following:

What happens if you have an unstoppable ball and an unpassable wall and the ball runs into the wall?

hey armando!!

that one is even harder than the question, "what came first, the chicken or the egg?"...

**still thinking...still thinking...:p

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Err, mass can not be negative because it's not a vector quantity. It's simply a magnitude, without direction.


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lol..hunterbender point agreed

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ok if you're interested in the actual way to do that assignment, i have the answer.
we did it in my class, and my group won the extra credit.

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Armanda to your question....
the unstoppable ball will hit the unpassable wall and bounce back or reflect because of newton's 3rd law and it will continue to travel the other direction infinitely.

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And to the egg drop thing... you can't have a negative mass. When u fill it with a helium ballon it just means the Weight is negative because its not going downwards. weight = mg. The mass in constant but the acceleration or gravity is negative since its going up. Negative referrs to direction not the actual value. Therefore, you will take the mass of the object, regardless if its positive or not, and you will not get a negative infinity. nice try thou. Good concept but thats like trying to divide by 0 in math to prove that 1=2. :rolleyes:

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The ball is unstoppable...in order to change directions an object must temporarily have a velocity of zero or, in other words, stop.

I say both explode....

And it's Armando, he might be unhappy with a name change...

And why does everybody ignore the balloon...it must have such poor self-esteem

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It does not have to be at 0, if the ball hits it and curves it will always be in motion, it would be a limit as the ball approaches 0. It never reaches it... but comes close to it. :D


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