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What am I gonna do????

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Joined: May 2005
What am I gonna do????

what am i gonna do about the ap test ...i have no clue about history!!!

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Joined: May 2005

Then why are you taking the test??

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Joined: Aug 2005

Hey, no matter what score you get, it will only help you. I'm in the same boat you are in and I'll be happy if I just get a one.

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Joined: Sep 2005

Yeah I thought I didn't know anything about history, but it comes to you. I got a three, and it was just what I needed.

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Joined: Sep 2005

That's good. I'm also worried about my AP test in June because I have no clue what'll be on it. Is it multiple choice or essay or both?

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Joined: Nov 2005

soozin, i think its 50 multiple choice, 2 free response essays, and 1 dbq if im not mistaken

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yeah thats what the test was last year, so i was told. i definately thought i was gonna bomb it. but i went to barnes and nobel and got a AP world history study book (because i could under stand the school's book) and i really helped.

and i ended up getting a 3!

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Ummmmm, don't get me wrong here, we like that you're posting. But uh, this is a U.S. Government thread that's almost a year old now...

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