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A Serious Outlook: What are my chances of getting a good score?

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A Serious Outlook: What are my chances of getting a good score?

Okay, so as everybody on this site knows, the AP US History Exams are coming up quick. There are only about 2 weeks left to prepare. I want to score at least a three or four because I really want to get credit for taking the damn class. Now, I get really good grades on essays, so I'm not too worried about the essay portion of the test; all I gotta do is study up on details and important essay themes and topics. However, one thing I'm very worried about is the multiple choice section. Now, I've been reading the chapters, somewhat, but i stopped somewhere around chapter 28 (sorry! I just get too much stuff assigned!). I constantly read course-notes for the American Pageant though. What I'm really asking is, from my little summary, what would be the overall grade I would get, or how would I do? And be serious. Also, I want to know how I should spend this week reviewing and know what resources would be good to use. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. :D

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Lucky, I don't know how I'm going to do on the essays and DBQ part of the test. We just recently took a practice exam (the 80 qsts ones) and my teacher graded it like the AP exam. Basically I was in the 3 range for the multiple choice, but want to be higher. Like me, I suggest study groups and if not those, then you can take the ace quizzes on one site. They have every chapter (of the 13th edition of Pagent) as a quiz. You could also search for a cd such as APCD for the computer. As for your range, I'm not really sure because depending on how many questions right compared to wrong and left blank it could be a wide variety, but saying you do well on both probably 3 or higher. If not and do REALLY well on the essay portion then probably still around that area...I think it just all depends though.

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you could always try practice AP tests if you're worried about the multiple choice part. or an AP review book can be helpful in telling you what to focus on and how to do better on the multiple choice.

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ooooooohhhh i've got a solution for EVERYBODY!!!!!!! "Cracking the AP* U.S. History Exam"--Princeton Review Book. $18. the best dam $18 i've ever spent in my entire life. it tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. like my teacher makes the class HARD AS HELL, and i've never made an A on a test (i've only had 1 B), but when i take these practice problems the way it says...it's as easy as pie! i promise you, you won't regret it. and when you're done, sell it to a Sophomore!

oh yeah...and don't get too excited about your grades in the class b/c teachers, like mine por ejemplo, actually make things harder than it really is, but many also grade easy...

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