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Alien & Sedition Acts. need crazy HELLP

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Alien & Sedition Acts. need crazy HELLP

ok so here's the prompt:

The debate over teh Alien and Sedition acts of 1798 revealed bitter controversies on a number of issues. Discuss these issues involved and explain why these controversies developed.

i need some help with the controversy part. more ideas?

i have that the SEdition acts were unconsitutional. but my teacher says it isnt necessarily "un CONSTITUTIONAL". was it a contradiction to the Bill of Rights or what? im not sure.

and the Alien Acts i know that it was aimed at the dem.-rep. so that teh poor immigrants wouldnt vote for them...

im still helllllof blank on how to start my whole thing...help please.

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the sedition acts were aimed at the other party because it enabled them to jail and fine people for speaking against the government.

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osnakeo wrote:the sedition acts were aimed at the other party because it enabled them to jail and fine people for speaking against the government.

That's right. It was not unconstitutional, however it violated the first amendment to the constitution (you should know it) which was ratified in 1791.

Controversies came up because they took away the ability of likely Republican voters and could hand pick the stories that went in the newspapers, like slander for Rep's and only good reports for Fed's.

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thanks guys. but i need three issues/controversies that arouse due to the Alien and Sedition acts.

i know of the immigration issue and freedom of speech / press issue. but a third one is hard to find.

i thought of nullification as a third topic but i dont know how to elaborate on that subject.

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The reason as to why the alien and sedition acts were passed was because the Federalists were afraid the the Democratic- Republicans would help their French allies, thus the alien act.

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