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American Pageant Theme Notes Ch. 19 cont. 2

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American Pageant Theme Notes Ch. 19 cont. 2

Themes in U.S. History
Chapter 19 continued 2



Slavery and Its Legacies in North America
Hinton R. Helper, a non-aristocrat from North Carolina, wrote The Impending Crisis of the South in 1857. Hated by both slavery and blacks, it attempted to use statistics to prove indirectly that the non-slaveholding whites were the ones who suffered the most from slavery.
John Brown- fanatical abolitionist who, in May of 1856 in response to the pro-slavery events in Lawrence, hacked to death 5 presumed pro-slavery men at Pottawatomie Creek.
Civil War flared up in Kansas in 1856, and continued until in merged with the nation's Civil War of 1861-1865.
Abolitionist John Brown's scheme was to invade the South secretly with a handful of followers, call upon the slaves to rise, give the slaves weapons, and establish a black free state as a sanctuary.
In October 1859, he seized the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Because many of his supporters failed to show up, he was caught and sent to death by hanging. When Brown died, he lived on as a martyr to the abolitionist cause.

War and Diplomacy
In 1856, the Civil War in Kansas started when a group of pro-slavery riders burned down a part of the free-soil town of Lawrence.


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