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American Pageant Theme Notes Ch. 4

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American Pageant Theme Notes Ch. 4

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Themes in U.S. History
Chapter 4

American Diversity
“White slaves” represented ¾ of European immigrants to MD and VA
African Americans on the islands off SC developed a language know as Gullah
Women on farms wove, cooked, cleaned, and cared for the children
Men cleared land; fenced, planted, and cropped it; cut firewood; and butchered livestock

American Identity
1. planters – had lots of land and slaves
2. small farmers – hand to mouth existence, 1 or 2 slaves
3. landless whites – most former indentured servants
4. slaves

Banjo and Bongo came from Africa
1692 – Salem Witch Trials

Demographic Changes
End of the 17th Century more families due to more women
100,000 indentured servants to the Chesapeake by the 1700’s

Economic Transformations
1.5 million lbs of tobacco out of Chesapeake Bay in 1630s
40 million lbs of tobacco at the end of the century
New England sold wood, ships, and codfish

Tobacco ruined the soil
NE got rid of their forests for grazing land


Politics and Citizenship
“Headright” system encouraged indentured servants in VA and MD
70% of the leaders in VA legislature came from families established in VA before 1690
New England didn’t allow wife-beaters
1651 – MA law prohibited poorer folk from wearing gold or silver
VA- a tailor was fined and jailed for arranging to race his horse

NE-Towns of 50+ were required to provide elementary education
1636 – MA Puritans est. Harvard College

The ringshout a religious ceremony from Africa contributed to the development of jazz
Puritan New England had very rare divorce rate
“Jeremiad” – preachers scolded parishioners for their fading godliness

Slavery and Its Legacies in North America
10 million slaves brought to the New World between 1492-1792
400,000 in North America most after 1700
7% of the 50,000 in 1670
1680s black slaves outnumbered white servants
½ the pop. Were slaves in 1750
In SC they outnumbered whites 2:1
Newport, RI and Charleston, SC had giant slave markets
Slave Revolt in New York City in 1712
Slave Revolt in SC along the Stono River in 1739 (tried to march to Spanish Florida)

War and Diplomacy
1676 – Bacon’s Rebellion – disagreed with VA Governor Berkeley’s treatment of Indians and not doing anything about their attacks
Slave Revolt in New York City in 1712
Slave Revolt in SC along the Stono River in 1739 (tried to march to Spanish Florida)
1689-1691 – NYC, Leisler’s Rebellion – animosity between lordly landholders and aspiring merchants


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