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American Pageant Theme Notes Ch. 5

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American Pageant Theme Notes Ch. 5

Themes in U.S. History
Chapter 5

American Diversity
2.5 million People in 13 colonies by 1775
Philadelphia had 34,000 by 1775
Most populous colonies in order VA, MA, PA NC, and MD
Both Philadelphia and New York built poorhouses (almshouses) in the 1730s for the poor

American Identity
Germans: chiefly in PA; NY, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA/SC border
Dutch: PA, NJ, NY
Scots-Irish: mainly PA; NY, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA/SC border, NH, ME
Africans: GA, SC, NC, VA, MD
English 49%, African 19%, Scottish 7%, German 7%, Scots-Irish 5%, Irish 3%, Dutch 3%, Other 9% (1790)

Scots-Irish brought whiskey distilling
By 1750 Boston had a large number of poor, who were supported by public charity and compelled to wear a large red “P” on their clothing
Taverns had attractions such as bowling alleys, pool tables, bars, and gambling
Great Awakening 1730s and 1740s
Painters had to go to England to make money
Ben Franklin – “Poor Richard’s Almanack”
South – card playing, horse racing, cockfighting, and fox hunting

Demographic Changes
Widowers and orphans increased due to wars

Economic Transformations
Agriculture leading industry, 90% of people
Tobacco –staple crop in MD and VA
Wheat cultivation through the Chesapeake
Grain – Middle colonies
Fishing – all 13 colonies
Traders – New England, NY, PA
Shipping, Industry
Lumbering  Shipbuilding


1/3 British merchant marine was American-built
Triangular Trade
Trade with non-British countries increased before Rev.

Politics and Citizenship
(1775) 8 had royal governors
(1775) 3 ruled under proprietors who chose governors
(1775) 2 Elected their own governors
Most colonies had two-house legislative body
South- County government
New England – Town Meeting Government
Middle Colonies – mix of the two

Wealthy families in the South had Private Tutors
Severe Punishment for children misbehaving in school
9 colleges established in the North
1st non-denominational College, The Academy (U. of PA)
50 Public Libraries by 1776
40 Colonial Newspapers

74% colonist were church members
Congregationalist – 575,000 – New England; Anglicans – 500,000 – NY, South; Presbyterians – 410,000 – Frontier; German churches (Lutheran) – 200, 000 – PA; Dutch Reformed – 75,000 – NY, NJ; Quakers – 40,000 – PA, NJ, DE; Baptists – 25,000 – RI, PA, NJ, DE; Roman Catholics – 25,000 – MD, PA; Methodists – 5,000 – Scattered; Jews – 2,000 – NY, RI;
The Church of England became the official faith in GA, NC, SC, VA, MD, part of NY
Great Awakening 1730s and 1740s
Jonathon Edwards – Great Awakening pastor
George Whitefield – Great Awakening orator

Slavery and Its Legacies in North America

War and Diplomacy


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