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British Policy Chart.

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British Policy Chart.

Hello, I'm in APUSH, and I was given an assignment stating:

Creat a chart detailing the various British polocies enacted following the Seven Years War. Indicate the content or provisions of these acts, the colonial response and the impact on growing colonial unity, and the impact of the experience on post independence governance. Include the Proclamation of 1763, Greenville Acts, Townsend Duties, First continental Congress, Samuel Adams, and Sons of Liberty.

I'm not exactly precise on what the task for me is on this assignment.

Also, any idea what kind of chart I should make?

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Personally I'd make a flow chart of sorts, starting with a box entitled "end of seven years war". However, a cause and effect type chart or a typical "# box by #box" (with headings!) should work just fine as well.

Regardless of what chart you make, the assignment is actually rather clear compared to others I've seen. Basically you have to start with the end of the war and then name the acts that were passed and what they contained. From there, explain how the colonists's reacted to each act and what stemmed from those reactions.

Questions to ponder as you're doing the assignment
Did the acts cause the formation of the Sons' of Liberty and the first continental congress meeting?
What role did Samuel Adams play in those groups or the reactions of the colonists in general why is he mentioned by name?
Why did the colonists dislike these acts so much?

Hopefully that helps out a bit.
Happy typing!

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