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Can anyone answer this question for me?

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Can anyone answer this question for me?

1.Why did American produce so many reform and utopian movements? What
did they contribute to American culture? Does the increase in utopian
societies reflect an optimism or pessimism with the goverment and society?

Can anyone answer this in one paragraph?? i need it by tuesday... plz help me out here.

Thank you!

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Ok. First off, you should not post here to have someone answer a question for you. You should be posting to recieve help after you've attempted to solve the problem yourself. (Sorry if I'm doing someone's job...)

However, I will offer you my input on this problem. I've got five minutes, then I'm gone for a few days, so this'll be off the top of my head.

This time period is when the ideal of the American dream took place. These movements emphasized the power of the common man and how each one is important. Why? Put yourself in their shoes....working for over 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, barely enough to feed yourself and your children, all of whom are most likely working. Would you like to stay like that or make things better?

And now I have to leave....Good luck

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piano girl is definitly correct. Please dont expect us to do your work for you. try before you ask us please.

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