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dbq help

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dbq help

hi i have never written a dbq before. i was wondering if you could give me standard tips on writing a good dbq

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Write an outline of what you'll say in the dbq to organize the essay. and also generate a list of 10-20 vocab words/terms to use in your essay. It really does help! Also, remember that you don't have to use every single document in your essay.

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Check out this site

I'll offer more advice later today or tomorrow...

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Xenahorse gave some good tips. Just don't feel confined by your documents. Be sure to use the "half plus one" rule, meaning you use half of the number of documents plus one, and make them fit into whatever you're syaing. And don't directly quote anything, unless it's the best quote since "Live and let die." Not that that's really wonderful, or anything

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I actually just posted up a brief, general outline of what I feel is a good way to approach the DBQ. I just wanted to add that if you are new to DBQ writing, please do not be intimidated. Study the history and once you have a intuitive understanding of the material, the writing will be a breeze. The DBQ is basically just asking you a question in which you need to answer and provide details as to why your answer is correct. Don't get caught up in trying to write "flowery" language or language that is over-scholorly. Answer the question, be concise and be done with it. Short and sweet would be the term here.

The tips everyone is giving you are great and that site has some very useful information. You can see my perspective on the DBQ in my other post. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you are answering a question when writing a DBQ. It's not a place to transcribe everything you know about history onto paper. In other words, don't just throw in random history. Answer the question, use the appropriate history to prove your answer.

Hope that helped.

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