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DBQ on developments in transportation (1820-1850)

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DBQ on developments in transportation (1820-1850)

The DBQ topic is:

For the period 1820-1850, analyze the ways in which developments in transportation altered te social and economic fabric of the nation.

All ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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well, originally the union pacific railroad was going to have a hub in california and one in atlanta. but, the south didn't need a railroad; technology wasn't what it was today with chilled train cars to ship their products. as a result, they rejected a plan to put a railroad in the south and changed the eastern hub to chicago, which would be pivotal for the north during the civil war. after all, if you have the technology, specifically in transportation (having the proper artillery is always a plus), to move your men quickly and efficiently you win the war. i mean, the south's decision to reject the railroad caused a major disadvantage to them, and as a result they lost the war. technology is power.

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A Pacific Railroad was built quickly, so America didn't lose California. By having a railroad from the east to the west, most importantly California, it would tie California economically to the east. : )

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Agh this is my DBQ topic also... I have to find sources and everything for it!! This sucks.

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