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dicussion question help please

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dicussion question help please

OK I have a discussion question I'm not quite sure about part of it:---
The period following the Civil War and the dawn of the twentieth century ushered in countless changes on the American political, economic, and social landscape. In what ways did America cling to traditions and customs and in what ways did the country evolve?
The part I'm not for sure about is ways that Americans clung to customs and traditions--the rest of the question I'm fine with. Any help is appreciated.

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Hey Ivanover. Well I can't answer the question as completely as I'd like seeing as how I won't get a chance to get home to my books until about six, but I'll tell you what I got.

Slavery ended and blacks got rights, and that changed, but the southerners didn't really want to let go of their slaves. So in retaliation to all the rules put in place by Republicans they found a way around them. Black Codes were set in place, laws were put into place to keep the blacks from voting such as the poll tax and the grandfather clause. They kept the region segregated for the most part. And now that the slave were free they got pay. Again, there was a way around that. Before the days of minimum wage, the plantation owners could set their fees. This often times meant that sharecroppers were as bad off as slaves, getting barely enough pay to feed their families, let alone get ahead in life or be able to pay the poll tax. Violence also took place against the blacks as it had in the past, only now they were considered to be people instead of property so it was usually against the law.

I got one more way that's not about slaves. The government was still basically dominated by the Republicans as it was in the Civil War. Congress had enough support to stop most Democratic bills and to override those that got through the houses. I'm not exactly sure if that can work because it had only been like that since the beginning of the Civil War, but that's all I got for political at the moment.

For economic, I guess you might could get away with using Alaska with the whole "get as much land as possible" theme going back to colonization.

That's all I can tell you, but I'll check back later tonight and see what else I can find.

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Continuing on what pianogirl said; the south still didnt appreciate the black population b/c of the fact that they grew up thinking that way. Although most people in the South didnt own any slaves, they still fought for slavery. to the poorer southerners, they could think that at least they werent the lowest class. the black population was below them and the hope of getting a slave motivated them.

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