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Does your teacher have posters in your classroom?

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Does your teacher have posters in your classroom?

If so, whats on them content wise? Time lines, important events, etc?

I'm thinking about creating a poster to send out to schools. Give me some ideas :)


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Joined: Mar 2005

Well, we had many many USA maps. Ones that had the states divided into the colonies, the Louisiana Purchase, etc...
Declaration of Independence, lots of US Marines stuff, one really cool poster of TR, pictures drawn by his kids. Most of the stuff was behind us so we never really looked at it, except for before or after class.

Hmmm.... you could do a couple posters (5 or so) with a really major event on each of them, with a catchy phrase that students will always remember, that are always covered on the AP exam. Make them all catchy so that when the kids are sittin for the exam they'll picture the poster. Just an idea, but you probably only want to do one huh? I tried!

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Joined: Aug 2005

my classroom doesnt have any. thats because i have my history class in an english classroom because my teacher for that class is a floater

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Joined: Aug 2005

Classroom, what classroom? My teacher's a floater too, I not sure who's classroom we're in. There are alot of old newspapers on the walls (if I made a poster I would definatly put a timeline on it though.)

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My classroom has a bunch of stuff in it. Posters with famouse Americans and quotes, old photographs, timelines, maps, dolls, and much more. My teacher collects and puts up somewhere (boards, walls, shelves) that have something to do with history or his class. We have anything from dolls that look like various presidents to lip gloss one student left in the room one year.

Sorry, this was about posters. Umm, I think the best poster would be of the presidents in order, maybe with their political party, time in office, and greatest achievement. Knowing the presidents has always helped me remember what was going on at the time. Anyway, I think that's a good idea.

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my teacher is a floater, we got put in a honors American cultures classroom so we don't have anything pertinent to what we do.

make a poster like "Uncle Sam Wants You:

To Actually Read Your Textbook!"

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My teacher does indeed have posters in his class. He has a few maps, two or three cultural modern art posters, the entire constitution/set of amendments, a timeline covering "all" of history, and a few other random posters/pieces of art. :cool:

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We have timelines, and whatnot. Usual stuff. Declaration of Independence, Raising of the Flag at Iwo Jima, I mean, usual stuff in a history room right? Most prominent of all the posters are probably the Civil Rights posters. We have one of the emancipation, the integration of Central high, and Martin Luther King. Most of the walls are occupied by past students' work, so it's quite colorful. The little bit that's not devoted to USH stuff is occupied by Key Club stuff.

Oh yeah, we also have a big banner of the class of 1998 with their faces imposed on the scene on the back of the two dollar bill. Pretty cool.

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my teacher has diffrent oil paintings of the world and he has a poster that says the state pledge.

:p Zacharys Morales

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My teacher has a poster that says 'I don't give grades. YOU earn them'

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My classroom has maps and stuff that the other American history classes does.. we dont have time to make posters.

Everything is worth a try!!


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