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for DBQ's what is APPARTS and PERSIA, i heard the were meathods?

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for DBQ's what is APPARTS and PERSIA, i heard the were meathods?

i need help on my DBQ's what is the method to break down a DBQ?
and what is APPARTS and PERSIA?
thanks for anyone who tries to help!:)

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Okay, here's the deal with APPARTS and PERSIA:

APPARTS stands for:

  • Author - Who created the source? What is their point of view?
  • Place and Time -Where and when was the source produced?
  • Prior Knowledge - What do you already know that would further your understanding of this sources?
  • Audience - For whom was the source created? Does this affect the reliability of the source?
  • Reason - Why was this source produced at the time is was produced?
  • The Main Idea - What is the source trying to convey?
  • Significance - Why is this source important?

PERSIA stands for:

  • Political Influences:
    • Structure
    • War
    • Treaties
    • Courts/Laws
    • Leaders
    • Popular participation
    • Loyalty to leader
  • Economic Influences:
    • State control of trade/industry
    • Agriculture/Industry importance
    • Labor systems
    • Levels of technology
    • Levels of international trade
    • Gender and slaves
    • Money system
  • Religious Influences:
    • Importance on societal interaction
    • Holy books
    • Beliefs/teachings
    • Conversion – role of missionaries
    • Sin/salvation
    • Deities
  • Social Influences:
    • Family order –patriarchal, matriarchal
    • Gender relations – role of women, children
    • Social classes – slavery
    • Entertainment
    • Life styles
  • Intellectual Influences – The Arts:
    • Art and music
    • Writing and literature
    • Philosophy
    • Math/science
    • Education
    • Inventions
  • Area – Geographic Influences:
    • Location
    • Physical
    • Movement

Both are valid methods for breaking down DBQ's, but really if you analyze the document, take a position, and back up your points with evidence you should be fine. If you want, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to walk you through a DBQ, or proofread one.

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