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Hamilton vs. Jefferson. Federalist vs. Republican

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Hamilton vs. Jefferson. Federalist vs. Republican

Jefferson cares about farming for he is a romantic, hamilton is the real thing, he is ahead of his time, he would have made america beter than it is today if it wasn't for danm republicans and their bs. Hamilton is the buisness man that wanted to make US rich, and rich is what you want; while jefferson lagged in the 16th century notmoving forward and not keeping up with england, that is why US blew WWI unlike England. Jefferson is South, Hamilton is North. North is more important than south. If only republican's would have waited for federalists to stabalize US, they would have been useful for a change, and even then republicans did everything federalists planned. Look at all the "federalist" type of countries today, they all float on oil and thus are rich nad have a good time. Being rich bring god living, that is what Hamilton wanted, that is what jefferson opposed, that is why Hamilton owns Jeff.

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