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help how transportation sparked economics

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help how transportation sparked economics

I have this essay that I need to do on how and why transportaion developments spark econmic growth during the period from 1860 to 1900 in the united states
can anyone help I would realy apreciated it.

andrew carneigie?
sleeping cars?

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All right, time to start thinking logically...

Start with what you know about the South. Economy is mostly farming right? Well, now let's start a chain...

New Technology->faster transportation->fresher food more place...

In the north. Mainly Industrial stuff right?

New Technology->faster production + better products->more supply
Then add Railroads and you get...
faster transportation->faster delivery->more incoming resources

And so on and so forth

So, that should get you started. If you're still having probs let me know.

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You could say something about the railroad companys giving better deals to big farmers who were shipping more products, like refunds and rebates. It was an unfair advantage over the little farmer who was only shipping a little and had to pay more.

how it helps

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My goodness. I wish we got that question for my test. I could've done well with it. It's fairly easy; just put some logic to it. Start with the railroads and how that effects everything. That could be the basis of your essay - how railroads affected the economy.

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You really should talk about Chicago if you talk about the railroads, and how the meatpacking industries (mainly pork at first, but later beef, transported by Swift) used the wider railroad system, all convently centered in Chicago, to transport animals and, duh, meat all over the states, creating new economic growth (and also people like Swift sold his byproducts ie hide, hair, onto the market and created new assemblyline-made, thus cheaper, products)

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