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help on DBQ: What was the major cause of the american revolution?

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help on DBQ: What was the major cause of the american revolution?

What was the major cause of the american revolution?

I'm a junior this year, and this is the first year that my school allows advanced placement classes, so i decided to try out every AP class available. i'm doing well in all my classes besides history... but i can't drop this class until second semester and it isn't going to look too good to have D's and F's on my report card for an entire semester.
i'm pretty sure my only problem is that i just can't get into U.S. history (maybe just plain history in general) as much as other subjects.
so my DBQ topic is probably super easy to all you history loving kids, but to me... i have to just BS the whole thing.

my teacher assigned this a few weeks ago, (our first of the year)
we had a week to make a rough draft. i completed the assignment the night before it was due and was not satisfyed with it, but i hoped that maybe his commentary on what i had written would help me out.
yeah, it didn't. all he wrote was that i needed more outside sources and more use from the documents he gave us.

so listen, anyone at all, this is due tomorrow, i have 7 documents to go off of
A- from the declaration and resolves of the first continental congress
b- from patrick henry's speech before the virginia convention
c- from thomas paine's "common sense"
d- john locke- 1690
e- a chart of the trend of american tobacco exports before and after the rev.
f- figures for rice exports prior to rev.
g- exports/imports to and from england by the colonies.

half of those documents, i have no idea how they tie in AT ALL to causes of the revoltion. i really need to bring up my grade and i can use any help anyone is willing to offer

please hurry and help me!

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