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help pleassse!

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help pleassse!

does anyone have information that would help me with this question:

"In the course of the seventeenth-century, New England evolved from a highly religious, community-oriented society to a region characterized by rising worldliness, individualism, and competitiveness" Discuss how and why this evolution took place.

I'm lost. Pleaseeeeeee help me! I'll love you

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New England was founded for religious freedom. Look back on the pilgrims and the Mass. Bay Colony founders. These colonies were still very religiously based but stabilized their economy by establishing industries such as fur trading, ship building, and fishing...blah, blah, blah... Britain undergoes civil war and forgets about the colonies for awhile and inadverdantly allowed the colonies to grow very independent. During this period, the colonies were economically independent and had established some small sense of democracy. Charles II reclaims throne and creates the Navigation Laws and the Dominion of New England and puts Andros in charge. Though furious about these new holdings, no rebellion issued until after the Glorious Revolution in Britain. Following the aforementioned example, the New England settlers removed Andros. Fueled want for what was ultimately independence.

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