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[HELP!] The Sixties Simuation Game 1968 -- Cali suburban Housewives

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[HELP!] The Sixties Simuation Game 1968 -- Cali suburban Housewives

Help someone? ): Over spring break, I was assigned to write a 3-4 page research paper on Cali suburban housewives' views on on the following and as well as a description of who their key constituents are.

The following:

- The creation of the Liberal, welfare state: The Great Society, War on Poverty, Medicare and Medicaid, Affirmative Action, Environmental protection laws...

-The Vietnam War: The Draft, Conduct of the war, Antiwar protests/protesters, American tactics, Viet cong tactics, operation rolling thunder, war goals/aims...

-Civil Rights Movement and Black Power: sit-ins and freedom rides, civil rights act of 1964, voting rights act of 1965, black power/black panther party, urban riots

-The Cold War: bay of pigs / Cuban missile cisis, MAD(Mutually assured destruction), flexible response, Berlin, nuclear proliferation

-Civil disorder and the challenge to authority, counterculture: college unrest, hippies, drug culture, sexual revolution, student radicalism...

SO BASICALLY, I have to do this long research on how California Suburban Housewives feel about the above and their viewpoints on it. Some may not even matter, as the teacher says. But I have tried googling and researching but it's hard because... it pertains to only the housewives views, SPECIFICALLY.

Then we have to pick a leader to vote for, and WHY. T___T
Here are the leaders: Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr., George Wallace, Hubert Humphrey, Robert Kennedy, and Barry Goldwater.

PLEASE, please help me. The more information the better. Maybe even some advices on how to do this? =/ I'm in a panic right now. :(

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So, I'm pretty sure that won't get you many points on the AP exam..lol
A California Housewife?...I don't know where your teacher is going, but I hope it gets you in the right direction. lol

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