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Hey! Would like some help on essay about the convention of 1787! Test Tomorrow!!

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Hey! Would like some help on essay about the convention of 1787! Test Tomorrow!!

hey! i really need some pointers, i've looked through most sites on google and dont need someone to do it for me, just a few answers. ok so heres the essay:
" The Constitutional Convention of 1787had no need to invent a new form of government. All it did was to codify the imperial and provincial systems under which America had been ruled, minus the formal subservience to Great Britain." To what extent do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

heres the thing, this is my first essay test and while haveing taken ap before, ap world civ to be exact, the essays are as different as night and day. i would like some help with the layout, ive pretty much got information but any help at all would be graciously accepted.


- vm ;)

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I don't agree with that at all.

It rebuilt the national government from the ground freakin up.

Your layout is gonna be:

Intro Paragraph with thesis
-body2 (if needed)
-body3 (if needed)
Closing (ONLY IF TIME PERMITS) you do NOT need a closing paragraph in a history essay.

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In a history essay, is better off if have you have writen about the topic in a circle, Introduction--->body paragraph-----> conclusion.
Whatever will be writting in the essay varies regards on the topic of the essay, but it should be covered who is about,what about it, what is the cause and effect, and how did that happened.

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