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I Feel Completely Unprepared

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I Feel Completely Unprepared

I take the APUSH exam on May 11. My class has not even started to review. We have not taken a single practice test. I feel like my teacher completely let me down, and with less than 2 weeks left I'm scrambling to get a 3 on the test.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

On the day of the test, what are the essays like? Are you provided with sources to synthesize for all three essays? We have done open-note practices, and every single one I have had sources A through M to look through. Will I have sources on the actual test? How long should my essay be? For English I've been writing 4-paragraph essays, but this might be stupid for history. Do I need introductory and conclusion paragraphs, or can I go like, The statement is mostly valid. Then my thesis. Then two body paragraphs with mitigation embedded. Then restate my thesis and offer a conclusion sentence. Would that work?

I'm just really freaking out, and I blame my teacher. We just finished the Cold War. I'm trying to read the Pageant notes on this site, and I'm on chapter 8. Are there some other resources that you could suggest? Tips for the test?

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I'm a new user and this is my first post. Hi, and sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

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Oh dear, if you don't know about the essays, you probably do have a problem. I suggest you take a look at the collegeboard site.


On this site you can find topic outlines, details about the exam, and sample essay questions. I suggest you practice an essay from there, or one posted in the Essay Exam Practice thread in a timed fashion and post it here for review. I probably won't have time to look at it until the third or fourth due to finals week. As to the essay procedure, you need an introduction with thesis statement (thesis is very important), a conclusion, and at least 2 body paragraphs supporting your thesis. If anyone has any more advice please post it. I'm about to enter stress overload for a few days...

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