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I need help with the confederation and the constitution plz (1776-1790)

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I need help with the confederation and the constitution plz (1776-1790)

1. Considering the confliction testimony regarding conditions of anarchy under the Aritcles of Confederation, what conclusion may be safely drawn about the true state of affairs? To what extent may Daniel Shays be regarded as one of the indirect Founding Fathers? Was his "rebellious" justified? Would Jefferson today be permitted to express publicy his views on rebellion?

2. In what sense was the Constitution a democratic document, and in wat sense a conervative one? What did democracy mean to the Founding Fathers?

3. What groups seem to have been the strongest supporters of the Consitution? The strongest foes? Why? What probably would have happened in the short run and in the long run if the Consitution had failed of ratification?

4. What is meant by "enlightened self-interest" in public affairs? Were ther Founding Fathers motivated by it rahter than by "pocketbook patriotism"?

5. Were The Federalist Papers really propaganda in the same sense as the Declaration of Independence and Paine's Common Sense?

Please help me. I desperately need it.

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