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My First DBQ

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My First DBQ

I'm trying to compose my very first DBQ and need some assistance in doing so.

Here's the question:
Was American society, as evidenced by Wethersfield, Connecticut, becoming more "demorcratic" in the period from the 1750's to the 1780's? Discuss with reference to property dsitribution, social structure, politics, and religion.


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Two things make up a good DBQ: Usage of Documents, and usage of Prior Knowledge. What you need to do is mix these effectively with standard writing tactics (good thesis, good conclusion, good bridges, etc).

Here are my steps to approaching a DBQ:
1. Create a general answer. Know before you write, read documents, plan, or anything else. You have a yes or no question. Of course they want more then yes or no, but figure out which you will write about. There are never just two answers-both and neither can be acceptable if you know what you are talking about.

2. Analyze the documents. Mark off the ones you can use. Don't use them all, but use at least two more then half. (If odd number, 1.5 more then half). Make them different.

3. Outline based on the documents you will use and your PK (prior knowledge). Make it logical and sensible. Try to divide by stuff mentioned in the prompt-in this case, use the four categories given (property distribution...).

4. Create a thesis and introduction based on your outline. Thesis should end the intro. Begin by grabbing the reader's attention and restating the prompt and giving some general background info in a single sentance. IE-American society was changing from the 1750s to 1780s...

5. Write the rest of the essay. Make sure to either do Docs first, PK second, or vice versa. Meld them together as you get more comfortable. Make sure to quote the Docs.

6. Good Luck!


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