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Need help developing a thesis for a free-response essay

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Need help developing a thesis for a free-response essay


we really need a better teacher down here in florida...

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To make yourself a thesis statement, first identify what you're writing about. In this case, how economic development affected politics etc etc.
Then, pick your points to compare and contrast. Point one might be, in MA, political power was based on [insert whatever here]. Point two: in VA, political power was based on [whatever]. You could have more points that you'd think up too, but since you have a limited amount of time, you probably won't have more than four, I'd guess. I probably wouldn't write more than two.
So then you mush them all together in your thesis. Your thesis would start out with Political power in seventeenth and eighteenth century colonial America varied greatly from New England, where the politicians got their power from [whatever] to the Chesapeake, where politics was affected by [whatever].
That's basically how I would set a thesis up, and I hope that this helps you, whether now or for future reference...:)
Good luck on your essay!

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