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need help fast chp 5 -i dont have a book yet

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need help fast chp 5 -i dont have a book yet

my teacher just put the order in for my book ad he gave us a packet due tommorow so i only need 9 more questions thanks to this site and im not just trying to get quick answers i honeslty can find them so please help as quickly as possible thank u!!
1. corruption of a german word used as a term for german immigrants in pennsylvania

2.Rebellious movement of frotiersmen in the souther colonies that included future president andrew jackson

3.term for new england settlements where indians from various tribes were gathered to be christianized

4. a once despisedprofession that rose i prestige after 1750 becuae its practitioners defended colonieal rights

5. popular colonial centers of recreation,gossip,and political debate

6.term fr tax-supported conditionn of congregational and anglican churches,but not of baptists,quakers, and roman catholics

7. institutions taht were founded in greater numbers as a result of the great awakening although a few had been founded earlier

8.the upper house of a colonial legislature, appointed by the crown of the prorietor

9. benjamin franklin's highly popular collection of information,parables, and advice

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I think number 3 is praying towns and 9 is Poor Richard's(?) almanac. I could be wrong though o.O

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A little late but here

1) Pennsylvania Dutch or Deustch
2) can't remeber
3) praying towns
4) lawyer
5) tavern
6) not sure
7) colleges
8) drawing a blank
9) Poor Richard's Almanac

I have the same darn packets, but we're a wee bit ahead of you guys.

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