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Need help on an American Revolution debate with my argument/speech...

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Need help on an American Revolution debate with my argument/speech...

I'm debating British Mercantilism from the side of the colonists for the debate and how it hurt the colonists. The class is full of liberals so I want to own them badly. My argument is to say that the economic system was basically economic slavery and the colonists didn't benefit in any way. I want it to be agressive and passionate, so I can own...

Short 1- 1:30 minute speech... help!

What British mercantilism is to Americans is slavery. Economic slavery. The Americans must produce what the British demand, how much they demand, and at what price they want to buy it at. The British take the products from the farmer, the shipbuilder, and the merchant for a very low price and then turn around and sell it at such a high price that even the worker that produced that very same product cannot afford to buy it.

It is not enough for the British King that the colonists can’t determine what they produce, how much they produce or at what price they produce their products but under the Navigation Acts, the Americans are forced to trade almost only with Britain and with only British ships. We do not even have enough freedom to use American ships. And above all of this, the master makes the slave pay taxes on they very items they are forced to sell to Britain under the Sugar Acts! In slavery, the master wants you to believe that the slave benefits from their protection and job security. This is what the British have said to defend their unfair policies!

The argument for the need of mercantilist policies on the colonies in order for their economies to succeed cannot be farther away from the truth. Now that the Americans have broken free from the shackles their master had put on them, they have been able to find markets for their products from the West Indies, to the Baltics, to China. Now that we have a market economy that is free from British regulations, taxes and control, we have been able to prosper and spread the wealth to not only men, but women, children, blacks and whites as well.

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