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North Carolina was the least typical - And i need help = )

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North Carolina was the least typical - And i need help = )

OKay so here's the question: North Carolina was the least typical of the five plantation colonies (MD,VA,NC,SC,GA). To what extent is this statement accurate.

So far I've gotten information from the American Pageant book and some from the internet.

All outposts exporting agricultural products.
Produced profitable staple crops.
Had Slaves
Marginal Religious toleration
Scattered farms kept growth limited
CHurch of England - dominant faith ( except in NC)
Big plantations (except in NC)

smallers farms
"the quintessence of Virginia's discontent"
reputation for being irreligious
most democratic
most independent minded
least aristocratic

I was just wondering about the best way to answer a "to what extent" question and also looking for more information to support my paper.
Thanks = )

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I'm way dusty on colonial stuff, which was never my forte when I took APUSH, but for "to what extent" questions, I found it worked in my favor if I went with a "To some extent, it was (....), but there were exceptions" sort of direction.

I was taught to never present a one-sided argument that didn't acknowledge data that might have gone against the trend. Extremes are the DEVIL (figuratively speaking) Besides, it shows what a wonderfully well-rounded APUSHer you are =3

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Well, I never knew this stuff, and i'm kinda short on time at the moment, so I don't have any info for you. But AnInvertedLove has good advice. Avoid all extremes like the plague (all, always, never, etc.). Instead use more open words (generally, most, some, sometimes, etc.). As to setting up the actual essay, I personally would have one paragraph describing the similarities to the other plantation colonies and one describing the differences, though perhaps not in that order. You could set up your essay where all your body paragraphs are describing the differences, but those essays tend to be weaker and harder to write well.

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