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please help me on chapters 9 & 10 in us ap history

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please help me on chapters 9 & 10 in us ap history

We have a few questions about chapters 9 n 10... here they are please help us!!! thnks soo much n if u kno where they are please leave the page numbers

1. What was the relationship between the French revolutioj and American domestic politics in the 1790s.

2. Very early i its national history, the united states established a tradition of isolationism in its foreign policy. How did the neutrality Proclamation of Washingtons fare well address contribute to its tradition?

3. Summarize the cenrtal government of Kentucky and Virginia resolutions. Explain why they are key documents in the American history.

4. List the provisions of Jay's Treaty. Which are most unsatisfactory to American interests and why?

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1. We were really torn on if we were going to support it or not. Adams and Hamilton were all like--- "Dude, Washington, you support them and we aren't going to talk to you." And Thomas Jefferson and his hippy friends (Aaron Burr) were all like... No! YOU CAN'T! YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT THEM!... Seriously though, Adams and Hamilton were against them, and wanted to support the British, and Jefferson and Burr wanted to support them. Eventually we sort of just took the middle road I think.

2. Washington told people that they really, really, REALLY needed to isolate themselves if they were going to prosper. Stay out of European Affairs, he says. For the most part, we did... Eventually, we took this idea into full swing after WW1.

3. They were key documents in history because they were one of the reasons the South used for succeeding. They said, 'If two of the forefathers supported this, then it is all right for us to do it.' It just goes to show in our early history how far whining could get you... The resolutions were made during a time of Adams and his control of the government, when they were doing hurtful things to stop Democratic Republicans (I Think that was their names). They said that 'any state government can say a federal law is null and void within their borders...'

4. I don't remember entirely...

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