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Please Help Me Write A DBQ!

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Please Help Me Write A DBQ!

Im Asking anyone please help me, I Dont know how to write a DBQ and i dont understand the question i was given. The Question goes as following:

Analyze the responses of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Administration to the problems of the Great Depression. How effective were these responses? How did they change the role of the federal government?

I dont really understand the great depression. Ive already been through the chapter in the book but it didnt really stick. Also my teacher gave me a read titled "FDR and the New Deal: The Foundation of a political Tradition" i havent had a chance to read it yet though. I need more help writing the DBQ I really dont know how to write a DBQ and with the AP exam only around the corner im terrified! :eek: If anyone can please help me I'd really appreacite it.

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I'm sure by now (the 21st) you've already turned in the assignment. For the exam though, DBQ's are probably the easiest portion to do.

The way I learned it in US this year was completely different from the way I did them in Euro last year. For American, it is essential to bring in outside information. What is good to do is to brainstorm out as many thing as you can think of relating to that topic. In this case, the Great Depression. You may want to jot down some reforms Roosevelt instated, their effects etc... THEN go to the documents given and group them up supporting your outside information.

Think of DBQ's as free-responses only with documents to use to support your thesis.

Good luck

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