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Please READ:)

I need help on like chapter 9, 10, and 11
I have a few questions: please help me to answer them!!

where fighting began, went to, and ended..

what happened to loyalist after war?

in 1776-1777 How did Washington restore confidence during war?

*signifiance of Battle of Chaleston?

*info about Chief Joseph Brant

American diplamants went to Treaty of Paris..what were they told?

Alexander- what was his first objective as sec. of treasury

Whiskey Rebellion-why it occured?

opposition by Jefferson and Madison to Hamilton resulted in what?

Our position when French revolution occured

any HELP will be APPRECIATED:)

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This is for Hollywood...
The reason that the whiskey rebellion occured was because of the tax that was being put on the whiskey, which was actually grain, the reason that they turned it into whiskey was it was easier to carry and shipping was more convienent. The people gpt mad and said that they were not going to pay it. The president did not want this to take the turn like Shay's Rebellion had so he sent a militia to attack his own people to make them pay the tax! Hope it helps:-)

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Most of this can be found quite easily if you go to GOOGLE and just spend a little time searcing.

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