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Roles of people for Independence of colonies

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Roles of people for Independence of colonies

What role did each of the following play in producing wide-based support for independence in the colonies?

a. Inept british officials such as Charles Townshend or George Grenville?

b. Dedicated radicals, sucha as samuel adams and patrick henry??

c. responsible moderates such as john adams ben franklin and thomas jefferson?

if ne one could help.. id appreciate it! =)

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charles townshend --> townshend acts which are acts that place tax on tea, lead, paint, and glass

george grenville - enforce navigation laws, sugar act, and include the first quartering act that states that colonists have to build barracks for brits. most importantly the stamp act because that was the first direct tax placed on the colonists and they hated it.

sam adams- formed local committees of correspondence which leads to the intercolonial committees of correspondence (big step for colonial unity) and was involved in the continental congress

patrick henry- part of continental congress, the give me liberty or give me death speech which kinda sparked the colonists

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